F1 Racing Game Builder (Mobile/PC) Unity Assets

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HDRP version is also available with this asset,

You can download it by following this link.


AAA Racetrack for desktop & console platforms.


Pack Details:


•Shaders - Most of the shaders included in this project have been made with Amplify shader editor.

•Car - Main car has about 19,000 tris. It also comes with easy to customizable textures where you can add your own logos and names on the car.

•Grandstands - Track has 4 grandstands, 1 main grandstand and a pit building. They are highly detailed, most of the stands are above 10k tris but well optimised. They share material and LOD - Grouped to save performance.

•Base track - The base track is about 200,000 tris. It has been split into multiple sections and LOD - Grouped to save polycount on each frame

•Props - Props are highly detailed, usually their poly averages at 1k. Every prop is Lod - grouped to keep the polycount low on far distance. They have also been atlased save draw calls. Props such as Extinguisher, T2_PitWalls, Trolleys, Tire_warmers, Generator, MarshallRoom, Pitstop Equipment, SpeedSigns, camhuts, Parking vehicles and track lights.

•Characters - This pack also offers Characters to add to the track. They have different shirts for each team, so you can add your own logos and text to each team. Characters have been rigged, they use generic rig and have about 6k tris. It has Crew, Marshalls, cameraman and driver, variations totalling at 30 characters. Characters also have props so you can make them unique, such as camera, caps, headphones and walkie talkie

•Garages - 1 unique garage and 4 texture variation garages. You can add your own logos and names on the garages. Polycount is above 22k tris, it has split into multiple objects and lod_Grouped to save performance.

•Vegetation - Pack offers 1 mesh tree and 1 Billboard tree. Billboard tree use shader that was made with shadergraph. Mesh trees have about 800 tris and billboard trees around 2 tris. Both of them are highly optimised.

•Textures - PBR Workflow, Textures are made with substance and photo sourced. Highly detailed 2k textures and some 1k depending upon the type of material. Some textures have atlased based on their type and frequent usage to save draw calls (Best workflow).

•Colliders - This pack comes with a custom collider for the track. Instead of adding colliders for each and every prefab. It only adds to important stuff and with low poly. Some props that can interact with car have box colliders (Best workflow for racing games).

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