GTA System Basic Locomotion Unreal Engine Source Code

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Metahuman Integration:

Metahuman Replacement:


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This locomotion system was made from scratch using lyra animations for the UE5 Skeleton.

It's meant to be used as a Third Person Template since it has very simple implementations and provides a very good base for game development.

Hope you like it! ?

Technical Details


  • Metahuman Support
  • 8-Way Directional Movement
  • Mixed Orientation
  • Smooth Rotation
  • Turn-In-Place
  • Overlay States (Pistol, Rifle)
  • Aim Offset (Pistol, Rifle)
  • Multiple Stances (Crouch, Walk, Run)
  • Male/Female Support
  • Inventory System
  • Weapon System
  • Optimized FPS



  • 41 Animations
  • 1 Actor Component (AC_Inventory)
  • 2 Meshes (Pistol, Rifle)
  • 2 Actor Blueprints (BP_Pickup, BP_Gun)
  • 2 Child Blueprints (BP_Pistol, BP_Rifle)
  • 1 Character Blueprint (BP_ThirdPersonCharacter)
  • 2 Animation Blueprints (ABP_Male, ABP_Female)
  • 3 Particle Effects (Pistol Flash, Rifle Flash, Bullet Impact)
  • 8 Sound Effects (Weapons, Footsteps and Background Audio)


Network Replicated: [Yes]

Supported Development Platforms:

  • Windows: (Yes)
  • Mac: (Yes)



UE 5.0 has a bug using blendmasks which makes the overlay states not working when the project opens for the first time.

To solve this issue just open the Animation Blueprint (ABP_Male), Compile, Save, and everything will be working. This is not my fault sorry, the problem was already reported to Epic.

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