Ninja Survival: Defend the City from Zombies

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Step into the shoes of a heroic ninja in Ninja Survival: Defend the City from Zombies! This game will put your survival instincts and quick reflexes to the test like never before. Embark on an epic quest to safeguard your city from a zombie apocalypse and emerge as the ultimate protector.

As a skillful ninja, your mission is to halt the zombie invasion threatening to engulf your entire city. Use your agility to dodge attacks, and your deadly skills to defend your territory. Master the art of survival while you navigate through treacherous landscapes, unleash powerful attacks, and strategize your every move to outwit the relentless onslaught of zombies.

In this thrilling survival game, every level brings new challenges. Whether you're battling through dark alleyways or defending the city's towering walls, your ninja abilities will be critical in turning the tide against the zombie horde. Collect artefacts, upgrade your character's abilities and unlock new levels in your desperate bid for survival.

Key Features of Ninja Survival: Defend the City from Zombies:

Epic Combat System: Show off your ninja skills by slicing and shooting your way through hordes of zombies!
Engaging Survival Mechanics: Keep yourself alive while managing resources and making strategic decisions!
Immersive Gameplay: Experience the thrill of defending your city from zombie invasion across a multitude of challenging stages!
Advanced Tactics: Utilize unique power-ups and tactical planning to outsmart the countless waves of zombie enemies!
Distinctive Graphics: Dive into the action with smooth animations and detailed game design. The city needs your help!
Take on the role of the ultimate defender in Ninja Survival: Defend the City from Zombies! Remember, the survival of the city is in your hands. Develop your skills, plan your defenses and become the beacon of resistance against the zombie apocalypse. Download today and join the fight!

“New Update 26-06-2023 “

As a human warrior with unlimited potential, you and other survivors will have to pick up your weapons and battle these evil and dangerous zombies!


====Complete And Ready Version====

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► Easy to Reskin
► Unity Ads
► Admob
► Facebook Audience Network 
► Cross platform (Android and iOS)
► Rewarded video
► Documentation file


  • Top No 1 Trending Game


  • Earn free coins with video rewarded ad
  • Integrating Unity, Admob ads  & Fan


version 26-06-2023 :
-weapon system
-Fixing bugs

version 01-06-2023 :
we have added pet survival
users can purchase different pet,each pet has a different speed and health

version 02-05-2023 :
-Fixing bugs
-Adding supplies system : 
  1. Player can add health
  2.player can add speed
  3. Player can add genearte health
  4.player can add shoot speed
  And more

version 20-04-2023 : 
-Skills weapon show levels has been fixed

version 22-03-2023 : 
-envolve pannel 
-player can add speed and health
-in app purchase = remove ads
-reward video bugs fixed
– new documentation file

version 12-03-2023 : 

-bullet gun trigger has been fixed.
-new enemies added.
-enemies freeze and can not kill enemies has been fixed.
-dynamic level system added.
-sound button has been fixed.
-Spawning enemies has been limited to 100.
-timer after game over has been fixed.
-weapon skills has been added, and supplies will be fixed in the next update.
– level and coin system has been added, players can get coins after watching the reward.
– save system has been fixed, level, coins and gems will be saved after close the game.
-envolve pannel is working now .
-enemies Spawning bug has been fixed

version 22-09-2022:
–  Fix small bugs

– Fixing Missing UI
– Added : infinity mode
– Add Loading scene with progress bar

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