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As an elite SHOOTER you must grant human survival racing against time, exploding your enemies and killing snipers with FPS camera. Save only the victims by exterminating the dead targets, look for them and dispatch them before they can eat a human brain. Can you stop the war? will you finish off the assassins in time? Everybody put their trust in you, don’t let them down!

Operation Desert Storm is a third person shooter game where you play as a marine corps against mercenaries in a desert environment. Gameplay is action packed with high filled firefights and gameplay; this game will keep your attention. Sandstorms, roadside ambushes, heavy weapons, dense desert combat and much more await you to test your skill in this battlefield.
Play as a marine corps in our revolutionary Delta Force shooter game, fight your way through a desert map, as a one army man, fight for your country in the campaign mode!

Battle as a marine corps in the blazing desert where you face against powerful weapons and enemies in very challenging combat missions. the Sahara is filled with terrorist war, be a master of survival desert army special forces tactics, You're part of the mission that's going to stop enemy troops from advancing into your own land. infiltrating desert hills , Shoot down enemy towers in the desert city and protect yourself from enemy firing positions. Using cover and desert ruins. During your game play, you will be assigned battle missions you need to accomplish in specific areas so you can continue the advancement of your own troops beyond enemy lines and take control of neighboring land.

Operation Desert Storm Shooter is one of the most realistic army shooter mobile games for Android devices that takes in the Sahara Desert, In the game, you play as a U.S. Marine Corps soldier, fighting your way through Mercenaries in third person shooter (TPC) style gameplay. you'll be accompanied with 3 assault gun machine types - "Assault rifle", "pistol", or "Sniper" - which have varying strengths and weaknesses. The goal of the map is to complete all objectives within the Deserts , and defeat the leader of the terrorist war (one of the enemy elite force super soldiers).

Light your way with the US Marines commando elite for operation Desert Storm. take your preferred army shooting weapon, advance through hostile territory to eliminate the enemy! all you have to do is bring your aiming skills and trigger finger. Whether you're a newcomer to shooting games or an old experienced player, you'll be able to dive right into battle like one of the elite soldier.

Operate - plan and lead your mission, watch the action unfold, and chose your cover and move right. Shoot - against hostile desert gunner enemies.

Game Features:

- Action-packed missions across the Deserts and Sahara (Open World 2k Map)
- multiple weapons to choose from, including assault rifles pistol and Sniper and Hand grenades.
- High Quality Graphics and very optimized to run smoothly on any mobile device
- Very smart and challenging tactical shooting AI
- Very realistic Combat scenarios were you need to take cover and move wisely

Future Updates with more content Are coming
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Game have two modes

  1. Mission Mode
  2. Survival Mode


– Realistic environment in american civil war and world war 3 and spectre shooter
– ‎Modern weapons for the best shooting games experience
– ‎High quality graphics to be the best gunslinger
– ‎Great music and sound effects with FPS or third person
– Offline shooter game 
– ‎Low storage requirement

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