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"Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting world of 'SafeFall Puzzle'! This delightful Unity game challenges you to navigate through a cascade of mind-bending puzzles, all while ensuring a safe descent. Though its premise seems simple, the game's depths are anything but. Dive into its captivating gameplay as you journey through an array of extensive stages, each designed to sharpen your wits and entertain you for hours on end.

Crafted with precision using Unity 2020, 'SafeFall Puzzle' boasts a total of 50 meticulously crafted levels that will test your strategic prowess. What's more, the game offers the flexibility of easy reskinning, allowing you to personalize the game's visuals according to your preferences.

The true highlight of 'SafeFall Puzzle' lies in its intuitive Level Maker, providing you with the tools to design your own brain-teasing challenges. Additionally, the integration of Admob banner and interstitial ads seamlessly blends entertainment with a dash of revenue generation.

From the moment you launch the game, the immersive experience begins with a captivating splash screen, drawing you into its world of intricate puzzles. And the best part? 'SafeFall Puzzle' is ready for publication. Packaged neatly within a zip file, you'll find everything you need to release this game to the world. This package includes the complete Unity 2020 source code, a PSD file for the game's title, a collection of enticing screenshots, an attention-grabbing icon and banner in PNG format, and even a Figma file containing all the graphics needed for the store.

Don't worry about navigating this world alone—our comprehensive documentation ensures that you'll have all the guidance required to hit the ground running.

Dive into the exciting universe of 'SafeFall Puzzle' and experience casual gaming at its finest. Are you up for the challenge?"


  • Made with unity 2020
  • 50 Levels
  • Easy to reskin
  • Easy Level Maker
  • Admob banner and interstitial ads
  • Splash screen
  • Ready to publish

What's inside package?

  • Complete unity 2020 source code
  • PSD file for Title
  • Screenshots , Icon and banner png
  • Figma file (contains all the store graphics)
  • Documentation



  • Multiple ad option [unity and admob]
  • Fixed 11th level
  • Fixed some sound bugs
  • Added new sound manager
  • Fixed character purchase bug
  • Updated shop
  • Reset initial coins to 0
  • Added PDF documentation
  • Level maker video

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